Mastering Photo Editing in Adobe Camera Raw 2023

Mastering Photo Editing in Adobe Camera Raw 2023 – Fixing Pro Photographer Mistakes

In this comprehensive video tutorial, you’ll join an experienced photographer as they take you behind the scenes of a senior portrait photo shoot. Discover the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly moments captured during the session, and learn how to turn ordinary shots into extraordinary images using Adobe Camera Raw 2023.

Explore the process of selecting and culling photos, focusing on eliminating shots that didn’t meet the mark due to exposure issues, flash mishaps, or other errors. Gain insights into the photographer’s ranking system and their method for identifying which photos are worth editing.

Dive into Adobe Camera Raw 2023 as the presenter shares their preference for it over Lightroom, discussing the benefits of post-processing RAW files, especially with regard to white balance adjustments.

Witness real-time editing as the instructor demonstrates how to make global adjustments to a batch of photos, enhancing color vibrancy, brightness, and exposure. Discover the power of emphasizing or de-emphasizing elements in your images, giving you full control over where the viewer’s attention is directed.

Learn a time-saving technique for applying adjustments to multiple images simultaneously, a valuable skill for those involved in batch photography.

If you’re looking to enhance your photo editing skills and unlock the full potential of Adobe Camera Raw 2023, this video is a must-watch. Join us on this journey to mastering the art of photo editing. Don’t forget to check out the presenter’s other videos for more valuable photography and editing tips.

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