Lighting Portraits Broad vs Short Studio Setups

Learn how to create amazing studio portraits with 2 different lighting techniques. Find out when you should use broad and short lighting and the importance of a light reflector.

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Welcome to better picks in just a few clicks today. We’re going to look at Short lighting versus broad lighting let’s take a look. Portraits aren’t going to be necessarily straight on. In fact, most of the time we want the model to be off to the side a little bit turning their head we see the light is coming off to the side cast a nice light onto starless face that is further from the camera so I’ll go ahead and turn and look a little more this direction and now she’s in turn a little more towards the camera with your eyes there you go and a little more with your head too right there so now the side the further side of her face is now being more Starla now I could do two different things I could make it broad lighting by actually physically moving the light to the other side or I could actually have the model really turn the scene flip the scene so Starla go ahead and turn this way and then she’ll look towards me this way now the closer side of the face is actually getting broad lit right here and there now these are using a one light setup I’m only using my Beauty Dish set up here which is a round setup which helps give a roundness in the uh catch light of the eyes which is very natural like the sun but I’m going to add in a reflector to kind of change some of that tone so staying right there Starla we’re gonna bring in a reflector now you could bring in a different light as well what I’m using here is just a very large about a five and a half foot six foot reflector to bounce in light to change the shadow so it’s not quite as dramatic you’ll see the difference there on Starla’sface it does make a difference as the light reflects onto the face lighting the close side the broadside face and let’s go and flip around for the short light Starla facing your feet towards the camera or towards the light sorry and looking right here and now more of the short style lighting and look more off this side I’m going to change a little more direction as we change our light a little bit it can change some of the style of how dramatic or how intense that short lighter broad lighting is it’s not all the way 90 degree angle from me to the camera. I like to go about 60 to 50 degree angle somewhere in between it’s not straight flat for the camera it’s not all the way to the side it’s somewhere in between and you have some variation as photographer Choice. Short Lighting: Why does it make a difference depending if you want to add a little more drama you want to actually with a broad lighting light the person so it’s easy to recognize them as this is so and so we’re short lighting is a little more uh dramatic there’s more Shadow and it does help to slenderize the face and gives a very attractive portrait as well thanks for watching better picks in just a few clicks make sure you hit that like button and subscribe to see more videos on how to take your photography to the next level.

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