Studio Lighting with Split and Monster Patterns

Do you have what it takes to photograph in the studio? In this short 2-minute video, learn how to create amazing studio portraits with 2 different lighting techniques–Split and Monster lighting. Be careful, these techniques are very dramatic and not to be used by just anyone.

Transcript from YouTube

For this light setup, we’re going to be using a split lady where the main light is almost to the side of Abby our model, and very much at the opposite angle of me almost 90-degree angle to the photographer and off to the subject, this creates a very dramatic side we see light on one side and very quickly we’ll fall off almost no detail on the other side let’s take a look there you go looking right here maybe kind of lean forward just a little bit there you go excellent.

That’s cool very dramatic same thing I’m gonna bring in a reflector the large reflector again it could be something as cheap as a couple of dollars Elmer’s board. Here is an excellent split with a reflector much different look and if i want i could even come here and i could do a harsher look move away the reflector and go to a stockless option which is going to be much harsher for my light because i’m taking off the sock i’m going to lose i’m going to make it a much more intense light so i have to turn down the light because i’m much brighter let’s turn it down about a stop and a half looking here much more harsh punchy one two and three a little more dramatic style between the different looks so variations that you can do between with a sock without the diffusion with the reflector without the reflector make a big difference on the final product for our next lighting setup we’ll look at a monster lighting I’ve taken the main light from being high and beautiful like typically on a subject and i put it nice and low pointed up at the subject this comes from a lot of horror films that use a low style of lighting that’s kind of where we’ve assumed or we have been conditioned to a monster lighting and it can be a little more spooky style sometimes maybe kind of glamorous i’m coming with the shot nice and low one two and three and create a lot of light there’s no not gonna be shadows under the neck but it’s gonna be different style of shooting.

Split with Diffusion Sock
Split with Reflector
Split with no Diffusion Sock

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