Unique Studio Light Drawing with a Projector

Photography by definition means “Drawing with Light”. In this 90-second video, learn how to push your creative abilities and grow your photographic abilities. Think outside the box and stretch your PROFESSIONAL photographic skills. I will teach you the basics to get yourself started in literally “Drawing with Light.”

Transcript from YouTube

Today on better picks we’re gonna be using a projector lighting and just a camera because photography is drawing with light so this week I decided to work with projector lighting. Something I’ve been inspired with for a while and experimented with lower quality projectors I upgraded the projector to a laser light very intense bright which allowed me to use a faster shutter speed than I was able or to keep my ISO at a more manageable rate choosing different backgrounds that I download and given a different shape a different light a different form and sometimes using the image itself to wrap around the eye or the body in a certain way that gives us the image one of the things with projector lighting you have to be careful of is your projector will not give you the intensity if you’re using a strobe light so you’ll have to go to a slower shutter speed raise your ISO a bit I like to shoot in the low 100 or 200 range for studio work but here I would raise up to 2000 ISO and I did use a little bit of noise reduction in post-production in Adobe Camera Raw to take down some of the noise which did soften the image but I thought it was a good compromise. I used a slower shutter speed a 1/60th a second making sure I used an image stabilizer in my lens allowed me to make sure that the subject was not blurry from my camera shake so projector lighting is all about shape and form and experimentation and trying something different but the creativity aspect of pushing yourself to do something you’ve never tried before is something that you really should experiment with it’ll make you a better photographer it’ll make your work stronger in the future.

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